TheSearchMan 1.6: The search begins

Screen shot TheSearchMan 1.6

TheSearchMan 1.6 is a utility to find any file or folder on your hard drive quickly. No need to install and very light, TheSearchMan 1.6 is responsible for analyzing the entire contents of your hard drives to find what you ask. Once the search, you can perform a new search on the files found for more accuracy. Like when you throw a dog a bone,TheSearchMan 1.6 is fast and displays results in a short time. Once installed, the program is installed on the system tray to have it handy.

Searching for files can be a light task to TheSearchMan 1.6, a small application that quickly and soon displays all speed results in a simple screenshot. The application users surprised by its lightness, however, its power is overwhelming, accomplished in a few seconds to have a list with the results of files with names similar or identical to that search has been applied, if the file is in the computer is impossible not to appear in the list.

With TheSearchMan 1.6 the user quickly find what you need, plus visually incorporates the input of the system which is readily accessible to the user. The contents are searched TheSearchMan 1.6 be made in all the system folders, without leaving a single hole in what appears to ascertain whether the requested file.

Size: 359.8 KB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2011-12-31
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

TheSearchMan 1.6

TheSearchMan 1.6