TheFolderSpy Permit the elimination of the list of changed files

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If you share the computer with another person, and you think you are playing a joke, erasing some of the files you use regularly, or deleting shortcuts to the main programs, certainly need the help of TheFolderSpy This application monitors changes to files on the hard disk, indicating for each of the changes, the file path has been changed and the time that happened. TheFolderSpy runs in the background, and permit the elimination of the list of changed files, all those who have been monitored.

This is also really useful if there might be a virus on your system, you will see that is not affecting the data stored on your computer.


New feature added: automatically writes log: log.txt in the same folder
> Small size (50 KB).
> Easy to use.
> Portable (No install required, carries in his thumb drive).
> Attractive interface.
> Monitor any number of folders in real time.
> Run a file when it detects a change (play wav files, run other files).
> Fully automatic (Run and \ u200b \ u200bse forget).
> It's free.
> Monitor of many types of changes: the creation, deletion, attribute changes, the date of access, changes, etc. File Size
> Home automatic (optional).
> You can run in the background.
> Can be written in the records.
> Check the files in a specific folder.

Have you ever found himself in a position to know about a change in your hard drive?
Ever wanted to find (with evidence), if his younger brother deleted the file?
Have you ever called yourself wanting to spy your computer friend?

Size: 62.4 KB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2011-6-28
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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