eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta:Ffreeware software that provides 10 buttons in the caption of all windows

Screen shot eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta puts extra three buttons in the title bar of the windows of Windows, each with a very specific function. The three buttons are: first, one that lets you place the selected window above all others; second one you can apply transparency effects, and third, one last button on that allows minimizing the active window to the tray system (near the clock).

The buttons are activated on all windows that open, whether the application may be, and seamlessly integrate with the look of your Windows.

Optimize your workspace with eXtra Buttons v2.1.18 Beta

- eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta is a free software that provides additional buttons placed on the title of every window.

- eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta functionality extends the standard operating system and is seen as system standard buttons.

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta gives up to 9 configurable buttons varied to keep your desk organized and windows.

- I love eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta if you really appreciate your time and like to keep things organized!


Comfort and functionality

It is easy to get used to the eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta. There are so many useful features functional, will not even notice the change in the way of working with the computer.

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta do not need special skills for employment

With the buttons as simple as the use of standard buttons "Minimize", "maximize" and "Close."

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta is fully integrated into the system

You will not detect any difference from standard buttons look when using additional buttons. And because it uses native Windows system that will always appear according to your desktop theme.

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta is a tightly integrated solution

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta works on all versions of Windows since Windows 98 and including the latest Windows

The set of buttons can be redefined at any time

eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta represent the following set of additional buttons:

- Always on top - places window on top of windows, so that is always visible or does not have focus.

- Send to Back - elsewhere window, so you do not mind.

- Window Backup - starts a copy of the application in the new window.

- Roll-up/Unroll - minimizes the window title, so you can see line of text with only the title of the window.
- Minimize to Box - minimizes window and places its icon on the desktop in the array set.

Transparency - makes the window transparent according to adjusted level. You can adjust any default transparency level.

- T ransparency or Percent - makes the window transparent according to percents from pop Transparency.

- Minimize to Tray - minimizes window and places its icon in the system tray.

- Minimize to tray or menu - minimizes window and places its icon on the Windows menu system.

- You can always change the amount and sequence of buttons to use just enough.

- Access keys for each extra buttons

- You can assign any valid keyboard shortcut change (including Alt and Ctrl) for each of the extra buttons. The use of this combination has the same effect as clicking the button with the mouse.

Size: 1.26 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2012-1-24
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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eXtra Buttons v2.2.3 Beta