Freebie Notes 3.37: Practical lock application virtual post-it notes for your PC

Screen shot Freebie Notes 3.37

Freebie Notes 3.37 is a free program that serves as a paste of notes with notes on your desktop. The stickers will sit glued to your desktop until you remove from there, the developers, very appropriate, added the option for reminder (signaling a specific date and time) with the song of your choice, or otherwise. All comments are subject to parameters of the modeling of your taste, though they will often before your eyes (size, text, background color, position on the desktop, transparency, etc.)..

Surely each of you at some point wanted to remind him his commitments. Leave your notes, notes, etc.. Freebie Notes 3.37 do the same, only sticky notes on your desktop directly to you. So you no way to forget their commitments, because the program will constantly remind them. You can select the notes to stand on your desktop transparent or hide them, in the form of small squares on the side of the screen mode, or specify a reminder that will not see them, but they will appear at the appointed time or in equal intervals . In addition, you can select any music tone for their appearance in the event that you are not in front of the monitor signal will attract your attention.

The post-it notes are a great solution for forgetful people who tend to forget appointments, events and important tasks, the problem is that when you glued to the PC, there may come a time you can not see the screen.

To avoid these problems and incidentally save paper and be a little greener, Upgrade to the virtual post-it notes. A good example of them is this program Free Notes. With it you can create as many notes as you want, with a completely customized (with respect to colors and fonts) and interesting features such as auto-saved, or the ability to schedule alarms for each note.

The program displays an icon in the system tray from which you can access its main functions and features a beautifully designed interface that makes it very easy to use. Furthermore, the notes do not bother at all because when not active, they become transparent.

Size: 1.65 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2010-5-4
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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Freebie Notes 3.37