Nokia Ovi Suite Beta: Sharing files from computer to mobile phone

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NNokia Ovi Suite - a set of programs to work with mobile phones, Nokia, is a further development of the Nokia PC Suite. Allows you to synchronize and edit wirelessly or via cable virtually any available in the mobile phone data - Contacts, ringtones, messages, music, pictures, etc., as well as sohryanyat Copies of the PC. With the Nokia Ovi Suite Beta can also D. One click to connect PCs to the Internet using a mobile phone, in addition, Nokia Ovi Suite Beta gives you access interactive services Ovi (for example, music, maps).

Nokia Beta Labs has released a new version of Nokia Ovi Suite Beta, which now reaches Beta. This represents a major improvement over the previous one and includes improvements quite interesting and of course the solution of several security bugs such as synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

Nokia Ovi Suite Beta is the application that lets you synchronize your Nokia device with your PC, share photos with friends and save your important files to date, are all functions with the Nokia Ovi Suite Beta is easily accessible to do.

Also lets you back up your data, both in your PC in the cloud by Sync on Ovi, so you will not lose critical data if your phone is lost or damaged.

Features of Nokia Ovi Suite Beta

  • Simplification of the update phone software and mobile applications. Now we can update the firmware of our device and mobile applications in a simple manner.
  • Streamlined experience for the promotion of applications Ovi Shop at Home view. Now we can send from the main view, a direct link to our mobile phone application and continue with the download and installation from our mobile phone. No need to open the web browser.
  • Register synchronization (Sync log): now we can see the results of our last session of the timing and details are added, updated or deleted from different points of final synchronization.
  • Critical fixes to sync with Microsoft Outlook.
  • More stable connection between device and computer.
  • Sending text messages to groups. Create a contact group between our favorite contacts in the Contacts view, and then send text messages to all members of that group with the ease of "view Messaging (Messaging view).
  • Improved video playback. High-definition video captured with the Nokia is now more easily reproduced in the Nokia Ovi Suite.
  • Map view downloaded. We can see the maps being added to our downloads.

Size: 93.8 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2011-4-30
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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Nokia Ovi Suite Beta

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