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Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta: Web browser is a simple, fast and stable

Screen shot Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta

Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta - a browser, which provides a convenient, fast and safe operation of the Internet, which is to make a simplified design. Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta is Google offers alternative to browsing the Internet. This is a web browser that is notable for its speed, simplicity and stability. Currently, we are fighting a real war for being the most widely used browser. In this race, Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta has managed to stand in third place behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. But more and more people decide to try this browser and enjoy its features.

The first thing that strikes us when we run Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta is its minimalist interface. An interface with just the right to use the browser. As Star points include: an innovative tab system with high stability, Omnibox to enter searches and Web addresses, and the new tab that provides easy access to the most frequently visited sites.

Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta has excellent features that make it a great web browser:
- High speed start time and load web pages.
- Support for extensions that add new features to the browser.
- Incognito mode which does not record your browsing history or leave any trace.
- Translator in the browser automatically.
- Allows very flexible handling of the eyelashes.
- Control of downloads from the browser.
- Create shortcuts to favorite web applications.
- Importing bookmarks and history.
- Safe Surf showing a warning before visiting a dangerous place.

Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta is a browser-quality, simple, fast and secure. A valid alternative to surfing the net is a good experience.

Size: 24.79 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2011-6-24
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta

Google Chrome 13.0.782.32 Beta

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