FrostWire 5.4.0: One of the best applications to download peer-to-peer

Screen shot FrostWire 5.4.0 FrostWire 5.4.0 is a Gnutella client that allows users to exchange with movies, music and software. FrostWire is developed based on the well-known P2P program LimeWire.

Search in the program is very functional, we can search multiple items at the same time, each result in a separate tab. Search results can be sorted by: quality, name, number of sources, the license file and weight. The program supports BitTorrent protocol, another interesting feature is the integration with iTunes.

As befits this type of FrostWire 5.4.0 program offers pause and resume downloads, set transfer limits, banning users, notification of completed downloading the file can be replayed via the built-Player, chat conversations and much more.

FrostWire 5.4.0 is a new revision of LimeWire project which has become a great alternative to the original after its disappearance for legal reasons.

FrostWire 5.4.0 is based on LimeWire's source code with the sole intention of improving certain features of the program and add other new options.  In fact, many of its creators also collaborate in the initial project.

 The most visible difference is the change of interface as a new aesthetic FrostWire 5.4.0 includes modifiable by visual themes that the program supports.

 The rest is quite similar as it respects both the structure and protocol transfers but is especially recommended for music files, is also extensible to any other files.


Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2012-9-19

OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

Download FrostWire 5.4.0

FrostWire 5.4.0( 7.77 MB)

FrostWire 5.4.0 for Linux