EVGA Precision 1.9.3: Intended primarily for the brand holders EVGA graphics cards

Screen shot EVGA Precision 1.9.3

EVGA Precision 1.9.3 is intended primarily for the brand holders EVGA graphics cards, but fulfills its functions perfectly well as other graphics card manufacturers. Using the program can accurately and precisely podkr?ci? our card, thus increasing its efficiency. The program supports the card with the GeForce 6,7,8,9 and GTX200. For proper operation of the program must be installed the drivers ForceWare 96.xx or later. The program works perfectly under XP / Vista 32 and 64 bit.

This program serves to overclocked EVGA Precision 1.9.3 video cards
You can control the fan speed, core clock, shader
Clock, memory clock and also allows monitoring the temperature is very important.

The improvements are:
Server-In-Monitor Display On-Screen EVGA has been updated to EVGA Precision 1.9.3. The new server supports interface skins (soon!) And allows easier access to the configuration and simple-to-Monitor Display. Profiles-in-Display Monitor Server are updatable, and not be lost after installing a new version of Precision.

New skins engine version that improves compatibility with third-party skins and gives more freedom in their creation, with animated buttons.

Now the first graph is automatically selected when you open a tab in Advanced Configuration Monitoring of Precision, to improve the simplicity of setting-in-Monitor Display, LCD G15 and the icon in the system tray.

Size: 1.58 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2010-5-5
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

Download EVGA Precision 1.9.3

EVGA Precision 1.9.3